Speaking Reviews

"Thank you for your presentation.  I received many compliments on my brilliance for arranging for you to speak.  I think that means they liked you a lot.Your whole story is inspiring so it does not really matter which parts you emphazise.   Your matter-of-fact delivery I thought greatly increased your connection to the audience, and you happen to have a very good speaking voice which adds to your credibility and helps the audience follow what you are saying.  Nicely done! In addition to the part about managing to finish out the 4 year Marine term, I thought the part about learning to swim was not only funny but directly illustrated you idea of using adverity as fuel to move you on.  Your comment that while you were swimming, running or bicycling you forgot about your blindness was especially impactful on the audience, I thought.Anyway, good luck on your new ventures."

-Walter Campbell (Rotary Redondo Beach)